Published Non-Fiction Novel

Internationally Published by BecomeShakespeare


Since their very dawn, humans have been inherently hungry and persistently foolish. Our curiosity has created a large system of knowledge-a forest, so to speak. Yet, almost all our knowledge is exhibited to us in a form that is inherently embedded in a particular discipline. But what if we free this knowledge from all subjective biases and absorb what it has to offer?

While all of us do look at these metaphorical trees of knowledge individually, sometimes looking beyond teaches us more. But what can we learn when we take a step back and zoom out? What does, say, astrophysics teach us about our own equation of happiness? And the nature of an economy about our daily social interactions?

These correlations open themselves up to interpretations for the reader, be it the purpose of humanity or the meaning of spirituality. Yet, on our quest for infinitely greater knowledge, will we ever reach the end?